Early detection, saves erections.

Tim Beere and Grant Shackleton have teamed up to enter and train for the Pioneer Challenge as the team “BLUBLOKES”.

The significance of the Blublokes brand is that Tim Beere was diagnosed at just 42 years young as having Prostate Cancer. That’s extremely young.

Tim is on a personal mission to create awareness around Prostate Cancer and in particular the importance of early detection as well as raise funds for research of the disease via the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

As Prostate Cancer Foundation Ambassadors Tim and Grant are taking this challenge over the next 3 months to train, prepare and conquer the grueling, gut busting Mountain Bike event, The Pioneer Challenge.


6 day

stage race

424 km

of racing

15, 124 m

of climbing


the journey


Follow the Blublokes journey to the Pioneer on Facebook and make sure you and your family talk about the importance of Early Detection of Prostate Cancer for all the males in your life and make a plan to get checked.

About Tim

Tim is a family man, business man and avid mountain biker and recreational helicopter pilot. Some would say at 42 Tim was in his prime, only for his world to be shattered by the news that a blood test indicated he may have Prostate Cancer.

Tim, his wife Renee and three kids were devastated at the news that Cancer had entered their lives.

This is Tim’s story

Early Detection

Dr Michael Holmes

Dr. Michael Holmes

Michael is a highly respected Urologist in both Public and Private practice. Hear more about the importance of early detection from this leading light in the field of Urology.

Tim and Grant are officially endorsed Prostate Cancer Ambassadors who are training and preparing for their first Pioneer Challenge.

You can support the Blublokes appeal by donating here or pledging just a few cents per kilometre here.

The Blublokes team are expected to put over 4,000 kilometres behind them over the 16 week training schedule. There are weekly updates on their training progress and regular video updates that let you know the current challenges and how they are faring both mentally and physically.